Official Ninja Gaiden Sigma PLUS Website Launched

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Electronic Theatre ImageTecmo Koei Europe has today launched the official website for the forthcoming Ninja Gaiden Sigma PLUS. The forthcoming PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) adaptation of Ninja Gaiden Sigma is set for release next month, alongside Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) new handheld console.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma PLUS is a revision of the PlayStation 3’s Ninja Gaiden Sigma, which itself is a revision of the Xbox’s Ninja Gaiden. Ninja Gaiden Sigma PLUS is promising all the same high-octane Ninja Gaiden Sigma action, now enhanced with features onlyElectronic Theatre Image available on PS Vita. Using the rear touch pad, players can strengthen their Ninpo, move the PS Vita system around to aim the bow, and much more besides.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma PLUS is set to launch throughout Europe on 22nd February 2012, exclusively on PS Vita. The official Ninja Gaiden Sigma PLUS website can be found at, and  Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the Ninja Gaiden videogame franchise.


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