Sony Conduct PS Vita Adoption Survey

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Electronic Theatre ImageSony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has begun contacting registered members of its online communities, enquiring about the consumer’s intentions regarding the upcoming launch of the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita). Arriving in Europe next month, SCEE’s only enquiry in this survey is whether you intend on buying one.

The survey is delivered very innocently, with no demand placed upon the consumer and, unusually, no reward offered for its completion. Only one question exists, with three possible answers. ‘Which Model are you intending to buy?’ is the question, with ‘3G & Wi-Fi’,Electronic Theatre Image ‘Wi-Fi’ or neither being the available responses. Upon submitting their response, the consumer is taken to a simple ‘thank you’ page.

Whether or not SCEE will ever make the results of this survey public remains to be seen. However, at this stage prior to launch, it would certainly be interesting to see just how SCEE’s own audience view their latest hardware product. The PS Vita console launches in Europe on 22nd February 2012, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the console.


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