A-Men Presented as PlayStation Vita Launch Title

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Today marks the launch of the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) console, and also the launch of Bloober Team’s A-Men, a retro-stylised videogame that is promising to satisfy a craving for tactical play on the new handheld system. With more than a hint of the old school style of logic, platforms and creatures, this new title is an unexpected launch in a market dominated by AAA titles.

Created by Bloober Team and inspired by retro-cult classics Lemmings and Lost Vikings, A-Men gives you control of up to five army characters, each with their own personalities, skills and tools. Their mission is to round up enemies across a series of worlds and puzzles using tacticalElectronic Theatre Image espionage. The gameplay takes the player on a journey through a series of different worlds and themes including Forest World, Seacoast World, Winterland World, and the Factory World.

A-Men players will use all of their six classes of character to go up against two types of enemy, the first is a dumb lemming-like character and the second is very smart with the ability to avoid your clever traps. The characters are Spy, Muscleman, Commando, Engineer, Pilot and Private, but beware being fooled by their military sounding names. Each one has their own very distinct personality and unique abilities that more skilled players will combine across characters to ‘power up’ their individual capabilities. If you want to change the look of your characters you can even visit clothing stores within the game to change outfits into something you prefer.

As you might expect for a brand new game on a new platform, Bloober Team have made use of the PS Vita’s unique technical features including the possibility to use proximity play with other gamers to Electronic Theatre Imageexchange items won in the many levels. The developers have also made use of the big screen, classic buttons and touch-capability of the PS Vita, as well as Trophies available for enthusiasts.

Available only via the PlayStation Network, A-Men is one of the few PS Vita launch titles that is available to buy in digital format only.  Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on A-Men, including an in-depth review coming soon.


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