Unit 13 Hits Retail

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Electronic Theatre ImageOriginally made available via the PlayStation Network earlier this week, the highly anticipated Unit 13 is today available from retail stores throughout the UK. The PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) exclusive is one of the most promising titles of the console’s launch window, and has a great deal of expectation to live-up to.

Developed by Zipper Interactive, the studio behind the likes of M.A.G. and the SOCOM series, Unit 13 is a third-person action videogame in which players join a counter-terrorism squad and are tasked with missions that focusElectronic Theatre Image on contemporary scenarios. Unit 13 takes advantage of all the input and connectivity features PS Vita has to offer, including dual analogue stick control and SIXAXIS combined with front and rear touch for a unique control scheme.

Available at retail stores from today, Unit 13 is exclusive to the PS Vita format.  Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Unit 13 and other forthcoming PS Vita exclusive releases.


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