Electronic Theatre Preview: Dynasty Warriors NEXT

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Electronic Theatre ImageThe first of Tecmo Koei Europe’s launch titles for PlayStation Vita (PS Vita), Dynasty Warriors NEXT is set to arrive alongside Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus next week. However, while Team Ninja’s effort is essentially an adaptation of an existing videogame, Omega Force has opted to deliver a brand new addition to their pioneering series.

During Electronic Theatre’s hands-on experience with Dynasty Warriors NEXT there was only time to sample the Campaign mode, however, as has previously been revealed, a number of other gameplay modesElectronic Theatre Image will accompany this core experience in the final release. The battles within the Campaign mode are organised in the traditional manner: the player makes their selection, is offered information about the victory/defeat conditions, prepares their generals and then commences battle. The in-game experience is also very familiar. With a map informing the player of base, enemy and shortcut locations, the player must strike a path from their main camp to the enemy’s, without offering the opposing army the opportunity to strike at a vulnerable part of the chain. As would be expected, this in performed by ensuring that key bases are captured along the path to the enemy camp, but with the difficulty turned up it’s not a simple case of working in a straight line.

The videogame flows much like that of Dynasty Warriors 7, a true current-generation vision of the formula as opposed to a diluted experience akin to the Nintendo 3DS’ disappointing Samurai Warriors: Chronicles. The combat revolves around the familiar light, heavy, musou system, and is very smooth in its execution. From aElectronic Theatre Image technical standpoint Dynasty Warriors NEXT is exactly what you would expected from a PS Vita adaptation of the traditional formula. A fantastic amount of character models are on-screen at any one point, including basic enemies and allies, squad leaders and named characters.

Dynasty Warriors NEXT is set to arrive next week as part of the PS Vita’s launch line-up, and will surely be in high demand. It’s a videogame that makes use of the new consoles unique features to enhance an existing videogame template, and a widely respected one at that. While the Nintendo 3DS’ Samurai Warriors: Chronicles may have been a watered-down disappointment, Dynasty Warriors NEXT is essentially a new version of the leading Dynasty Warriors titles for your handheld system. As a PS Vita launch title, you simply couldn’t ask for better.


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