New Dreamcast Game Dated: Irides: Master of Blocks

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            Following the announcement of Rush Rush Rally Racing, commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the SEGA Dreamcast, another new release for the long discontinued console has been announced. Irides: Master of Blocks is a Puzzle game where the player has to match blocks of matching colours together to eliminate them, score points and create combos. The faster that the blocks are connected and the more blocks there are, the better the score when they are eliminated.

Just like all of the great classic Puzzle games, Irides: Master of Blocks is an easy concept, but one that is tough to master. The game contains over thirty levels of content, challenging players with different Power Blocks to either assist or hamper your progressionElectronic Theatre Image through the game. The single-player campaign offers a variety of difficulty setting to maintain the challenge and proposes online global Leaderboards.

Players can also attempt to become the Master of Blocks with a friend in Co-Op mode, progressing through the game with both players playing in the same playfield. Additionally, a two-to-four player competitive multiplayer mode allows players to face off against friends or foes to see who is the true Master of Blocks.

Irides: Master of Blocks will be available for purchase on 12th December 2009, and is region free, supporting NTSC, PAL and VGA displays. Both a standard and collector’s edition will be available at launch, available to pre-order now from The Goat Store, LLC’s official website, Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Irides: Master of Blocks, including a hands-on preview coming very soon.



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