E3 2006: Game Boy Advance

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Electronic Theatre Image            Since the Game Boy Advance’s Launch in 2001, the system has seen a never-ending array of titles in all genre’s from software houses the world over. While Nintendo insist the Game Boy Advance series is far from dead, the market clearly says otherwise as releases begin to trickle onto shelves as opposed to flooding them. Much like the current-generation of home consoles, 2006 promises some big new releases for the system; but beyond that is little hope.

            This year’s showing included a few big names such as Metal SLUG, MegaMan: Electronic Theatre ImageBattle Network 6, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy and was supported by a range of titles for the younger audience as well, much younger…

            While it may be packing-up its gear and moving-on, the Game Boy Advance is more than welcome to make one-last-stand at E3 2006, read about how its titles faired below.








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