Electronic Theatre Preview: Drill Dozer

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Electronic Theatre ImageMulti-directional Platform games are very much alive and kicking thanks to the release of the much anticipated Drill Dozer on the Game Boy Advance. Dig, grind and drill your way to victory in this highly addictive platform game when it launches on 26th May, 2006, across Europe.

Following the traumatic loss of his wife, renowned archaeologist Big Boss Doug goes underground and forms a gang of thieves known as the Red Dozers. Sworn to protect the Electronic Theatre Imagemysterious Red Diamond once belonging to Doug’s wife, the Red Dozers are spurred into action when it is stolen. Now Big Boss Doug’s only daughter Jill must put down her school books and use all her Drill Dozer piloting skills to recover the lost gem.

In Drill Dozer players must pilot their Dozer Robot around six large multi-directional Levels, each with multiple stages. Players use their drills to cut through rocks and defeat enemies, which stand in their way. However, the objective of each Level isn’t as simple as just charging to the goal. On each Level players must find different Gears allowing their drill to spin faster and cut through harder material, before returning to old areas to solve previously inaccessible puzzles; taking an element of inspiration from the 2D Metroid and CastleVania series. The culmination of each area pits Jill and her Dozer against a sinister Boss character from the Skulker gang. Defeating them will allow the character to progress to the next Level.

As well as the extra Gear Wheels hidden throughout each area, players can tip the odds in their favour by finding or buying new special equipment after completing each area. Throughout each Level the character can find Treasure which gives them Chips to spend on equipment upgrades. They include everything from Electronic Theatre ImageEnergy Tanks to increase the characters Health Bar to gadgets allowing them to fly or operate underwater. If players want to progress through the game, collecting as much treasure as they can to purchase these upgrades is a must.

Drilling is bumpy work and gamers are in for a real treat as Drill Dozer shakes its way into their palms. To add to the excitement and realism when drilling, Drill Dozer features a built-in Rumble Pak; resulting in the Cartridge vibrating along with the on-screen action for the ultimate feeling of immersion, while still being fully functional with the NintendoDS.

With a host of deviously engineered Levels and cunning puzzles to overcome players will have to be on their best form to come through on top. Drill Dozer combines all of the addictive fun of a simple Platform adventure, with an intriguing puzzle solving element to make a game that will keep even the most seasoned gamer on the edge of their seats, and may have the edge to pass by last years amazing Game Boy Advance release, Gunstar Future Heroes.



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