Electronic Theatre Preview: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

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Electronic Theatre Image             Stated for release at the end of year is Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. From the makers of the much loved Hack-N’-Slash series X-Men: Legends; Raven Software, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance will feature very similar gameplay to the developer’s earlier titles, except this time will include characters from the entire Marvel universe, instead of just the X-Men. Raven have promised over twenty playable characters in the game, as well as over 140 cameo appearances from popular Marvel characters.

Electronic Theatre Image             The Game Boy Advance version features graphical presentation inferior to its home console cousins but still features the team-based combat and character customisation that has made the X-Men: Legends series so popular. The Game Boy Advance also features Strikers, an exclusive feature, which players can call in to decimate on-screen foes. The Game Boy Advance seems to be surviving at the moment solely on multi-format releases, so it’s nice to see it’s getting a good conversion of what looks likely to be a great game.









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