Electronic Theatre Preview: Metal SLUG

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Electronic Theatre Image              Here at Electronic Theatre we’re pretty big fans of SNK’s superb scrolling Shoot -‘Em-Up series Metal SLUG. Therefore we were especially disappointed to find that the demonstration version at SNK’s E3 2006 stand wasn’t working! However, a quick flick of the Power Button by a helpful executive was enough to get our preview back on-track and we’re pleased to announce that Metal SLUG for the Game Boy Advance has lost little in it’s conversion from the Arcade original.

Electronic Theatre Image              It lacks the polish of the great Metal SLUG Advance, but there’s still a while to release so we’re hopeful. The Game Boy Advance seems to handle all the on-screen madness without flaw, a good sign for those who enjoy a real challenge. Metal SLUG is one of the few titles shown for Game Boy Advance at E3 this year and is looking good, aside from one major problem: The imminent release of Metal SLUG Anthology for the PSP, which features all six Metal SLUG games. Oh well.




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