Electronic Theatre Preview: Herby: Fully Loaded

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            Before I get started with this one – don’t start spitting at the screen in disgust. Yes, this is Herby. No, this is not some cheap cash-in on a 30-year-old film; this is a brand new, well thought-out production. However, whether or not a well though-out production turns into a playable game is another matter.


            In the case of Herby: Fully Loaded, things could’ve been a lot worse. On the one track available – a full-scale Mode7 3D recreation of a cityscape akin to Mario Kart: Super Circuit – a nice variety of weapons are at your disposal. Not necessarily the most original of armourment, a boost, projectile, spin-boost and hop are collectable. Different coloured stars represent each weapon and, while three are adequate, the spin-boost (which sees Herby pelt 180degrees and begin driving in reverse) is more daunting than it is helpful, often sending you flying into a nearby tree or lamppost as you try to regain control of the car whilst negotiating a spinning camera.

            The basic playability of the title is on par with the average Game Boy Advance racer and has some nice touches. Whether Herby: Fully Loaded will be enough to pull you away from TG: Rally for any significant period of time remains to be seen, but it’s not shaping up too bad.

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