Electronic Theatre Preview: Mario Tennis Advance

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With your sparkly new NintendoDS and the recently released GameCube rendition of Super Mario Tennis, Mario Tennis Advance may not necessarily be on top of your Nintendo-must-have list. Needless to say, the last in Nintendo’s long-line of Mario-themed sports titles is far from anything related to a bad game.             Seemingly completed at this years’ Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the build offered huge scopElectronic Theatre Imagee of gameplay variety. Sticking with regular matches and doubles (as our time at the show was quickly coming to an end); I found that Mario Tennis Advance is a surprisingly accurate conversion of its GameCube counterpart.            The gameplay is nippy and solid and in its purest essence is built for dip-in, dip-out play. The graphics are 2D renditions of those on the systems’ bigger brother similar of design to the mock-3D karters in Mario Kart: Super Circuit – more than reliable – whilst the special effects are some of the best the Game Boy Advance has produced. With the titles gameplay so closely mimicking the GameCube version’s, there’s clearly no greater evidence that graphics don’t make a game whilst also showing there’s plenty of life left in the Game Boy Advance – possibly a bigger bargaining tool for the Game Boy Micro than Nintendo’s own insistence – or reliance, depending on your view of Nintendo’s marketing strategy – on the forthcoming Pokemon Emerald.Electronic Theatre Image

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