Electronic Theatre Preview: Metal Slug: Super Vehicle

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            Metal Slug is a bit of an odd-ball when it comes to mainstream releases. Present in the arcades during my childhood, the title vanished into obscurity shortly after due to its limited release on all-too-scarce Neo-Geo machines. Briefly surfacing in the poorest edition in the series, Metal Slug X on the PlayStation, it’s not till last year did we finally get our hands on some decent console versions.


            Metal Slug Advance changed the formula considerably, adding a Map structure, card collecting andElectronic Theatre Image a hard sense of progression to much of the proceedings. Certainly, it was a refreshing injection for a series that to those who had managed to pay attention to it was getting rather tired, but, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this year, SNK Playmore decided to give the fans what they’d been crying out for.

Unfortunately it was only shown in video format, which was an unforgivable mistake, however with a totally accurate looking remake. Metal Slug: Super Vehicle for the Game Boy Advance is said to be a perfect port of the original arcade game – featuring extra levels and weapons as unlockables. Exactly what this entails is unknown right now, however personally I feel an option to tailor the main game by adding in specific levels (at suggested intervals in the difficulty curve or personal preference) and weapons of your choosing.

The title features a two-player option which is suggested to work through the Wireless Adapter. Although it wasn’t playable by any sense of the word, the return/entrance of the original Metal Slug – dependant on your console disposition during the early ‘90’s – can rarely be bad. I have high hopes for the release as you might tell, let’s hope it stands up to the original in every way it’s been promised.

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