Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: Chibi-Robo

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Electronic Theatre ImageChibi-Robo is the latest Nintendo release on the GameCube and has to be one of their most original ideas on the format to date. After Donkey Konga, Animal Crossing, Odama and  other such titles, Nintendo have one again become renowned for bringing new and interesting games to the industry, and they have done it again with Chibi-Robo.

            Chibi-Robo is a Third-Person Puzzle/Adventure game where your primary objective isElectronic Theatre Image to spread happiness around the household. You control a Chibi-Robo and have to do chores, cleaning and tidying stuff around the house. Now this may sound much like the least interesting basis for a videogame possible, but it works very effectively. A Day/Night System is evident in the title and different things occur depending on the time of day; different objectives and items are available. During the day rubbish and stains will appear for you to clear-up to gain Happy Points and Moolah, and you will be given bonuses by Telly for achieving a certain amount of stains cleaned or rubbish cleared-up. As you progress through the game you obtain upgrades for your Chibi-Robo which open-up new areas of the house. As you complete tasks you obtain Happy Points (which build up and increase your Chibi-Robo Rank – the ultimate goal being to reach Rank No.1), you also obtain Moolah which is used to buy the upgrades from your PC.

            The overall gameplay is one of which you can either just pick-up and have a quick play or you could spend the whole day playing it; it’s just that sort of game. The game also appeals  to plenty of demographics, for those who just want something fun to play and for those gamers who want a game to occupy them for hours on end and still keep offering new and exciting little tasks for them to complete.

            The game isn’t stunning, but it’s of a reasonable standard although it may not be one onElectronic Theatre Image Nintendo’s greatest games graphically, the gameplay makes up for this slight lapse. There aren’t many flaws in the actually graphics they just aren’t of the usual high standard that Nintendo produce. If they had just brushed over the game with there usual standard of graphics then this game would have been improved in one of the only ways that it was slightly flawed. Saying this though, the graphics don’t really need to be to the highest of Nintendo’s standards as its just not that type of game, the environment provided is comfortable and without bugs or flaws. Nintendo don’t really seem to care if their games are to the highest graphical standard they tend to prefer making games that have a much better content rather than something that looks amazing but doesn’t play well at all.

            The sound on Chibi-Robo isn’t anything spectacular, more of passive noise in the background which you don’t really pay any attention to as you are playing through the game. The Electronic Theatre Image sound effects feature plenty of nice touches; as if you actually spend time to listen to the different sound affects they are actually really well done.

            This game doesn’t offer anything new to the industry as such, if anything it enforces what Nintendo have already brought into the light and they are just showing that they can still make a cracking title without having to perfect the graphics. It’s as if they have just taken a step back and gone for the good gameplay rather than trying to make it look like an Xbox360 game or Resident Evil 4. This doesn’t hinder the game at all, if anything, it has the opposite affect as it makes the title seem less intense and, in general, a more fun game to play – it just doesn’t seem as serious or punishing as other titles released in the past. The game wont appeal to everyone, as many see it as a little kids game – its all about making people happy – but if they actually gave the release a fair trial and played it they would soon realise its so much more.Electronic Theatre Image









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