Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: WWE: Day Of Reckoning

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day.JPG (1767 bytes)            At first I thought the games’ gravity was too much – but after playing this game once I was wrong THQ have out-done themselves again. This game is easily an improvement over Wrestlemania XIX so it is a must buy for wrestling/fighting game fans. This game has the well structured gameplay; you can break up moves (any move) and the animations flow nicely and are incredibly smooth. The match types and rosters are a tad lacking but the amount of ways you can play each mode is great. The Story mode in this game is different than wweday1.jpg (17396 bytes)that of other wrestling games such as Here Comes the Pain or No Mercy. In Day of Reckoning, you do not get to choose a path, pick story options, or such as in other games. There is one set story, that varies with the characters they have in the scene (meaning they are different for Raw and Smackdown!, and your character). Story mode is fun and entertaining but as you near the end (week 35) everything gets repetitive. The tutorial is great except you play against a mirror image but that’s just a minor. My only dislikes to this game are the Superstar Select Screen because it is just faces and not any background – just plain ugly – and also the camera is just a little to close for me but I got used to it.Now, for the actual story itself. You start out as your own created character, and begin to work wweday2.jpg (10743 bytes)your way up through the ranks. You start with House Shows, and then advance to Dark Matches. Once you are done with those, you wrestle on Heat. After you have impressed enough people, you choose to go to either Raw or Smackdown!. The show you choose only really changes the characters you interact with during the story, and not much else, as you continue to work your way up until you become the World Champion. Sadly, this is one of the weaker parts of the game. At first, the customization is very limited, and the models you have to choose from are below ten. You must remove many accessories that come on the character or else many options can’t be selected. Also, it took me about 15 minutes to find a sweatshirt, as it was under a different name that I wouldn’t expect it. Though, this may just be due to my lack of common sense, it happened when I searched for a variety of other things as well. The customization does become more open after you complete the game, but, they are better off used for new characters, since there is not much of a point in customizing characters that cannot be re-entered in story mode. Thing is, it takes about an hour to create a decent looking, and decent performing superstar. You can create a very detailed entrance. Anything from the music and entrance video, to the camera angles and lighting. The entrances can end up completely different just by the camera angle, so there is enough customization here for anyone. Don’t worry though, if you don’t like this much detail, you can pick an easier entrance, by picking the music, walking moves, and entrance videos.The graphics in the game are awesome. On par, if not better then Here Comes the Pain. The animations are a bit off though, if you run at an enemy and go to grab them, but they go to kick you, you will stop the grab and instantly assume the position of being kicked in the stomach/face/etc. Some of the superstar faces are a bit strange, but those two things are the only real flaws I could find with the graphics.

The music is pretty good. It’s mostly a mix of rap and rock, along with a lot of superstar’s music like Evolution’s theme, Triple H’s Theme, Benoit’s Theme, etc. One flaw I noticed is that the music stopped when saving and such, but it’s not much of a big deal.

In the end the title offers enough variety and gameplay “remoulds” to accept it into any wrestling fans collection, but with so much competition available, including better efforts from in-house, to those anything less than hardcore it may seem little more than average.












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