Chaos Field Secured for US

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Electronic Theatre ImageO~3 Entertainment have announced that they will  publish Chaos Field for the Nintendo GameCube in North America . The game is expected to be available at retail for Holiday 2005. The title has been anticipated for some time and, with Chaos Field now securing a US release, its one step closer to the UK .

Chaos Field is an excellent example of the new breed of arcade action coming out of Japan ,”Electronic Theatre Image commented Chris Jelinek, president of O~3 Entertainment. “Our philosophy is to make the hottest Japanese arcade games available to players in North America , and Chaos Field is just the first of many more to follow.” A bit of research in this area leads to little else other than big brick walls, as there  are no titles no formats even suggested currently.

“The new content in the home edition of Chaos Field adds a lot of variety to the gameplay and tremendous replay value with the different play modes and multiple characters,” said Mark Rogers, executive producer at O~3 Entertainment.

Chaos Field gives vertical shooter fans reason to rejoice! The non-stop action unfolds over five challenging levels, each with three tough stages to test even the most confident arcade jockey’s skills. The game includes three playable characters, each with its own unique ships and characteristics. Attacks include beam weapons, missiles, shields, swords, special attacks, and the legendary Chaos Field.Electronic Theatre Image

The Japanese press has given Chaos Field high praise. Running alongside early GameCube release Ikaruga, Chaos Field remains an addictive explosion-filled rampage reminiscent of our earlier gaming days – bolstered by the latest technology to create some amazing effects. Though there’s no confirmation of a UK release, it remains a possibility with a US publisher now secured.       Electronic Theatre ImageElectronic Theatre Image   -END-

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