E3 2006: GameCube

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Electronic Theatre Image            Nintendo’s GameCube has taken quite a beating in the UK over the last twelve months, and, with the advent of the Wii and with no Game Boy Evolution insight, it doesn’t look like things are going to get too much better. This years big-hitter was, of course, The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess once again – however, the title only appeared to be playable on Nintendo’s Wii stand (due to this, the article linked below is a recall of our E3 2005 coverage).

Electronic Theatre Image            Things weren’t too bright with the Third-Parties either, as most of the titles shown probably won’t make it to release in Europe. Nintendo’s pledge to support the GameCube for at least five years after the Wii’s release (then known as the Revolution) isn’t looking likely to come to fruition, with the only other First-Party title mentioned being Donkey Kong: Bongo Blast. Check below for the details on every GameCube title headed to Europe Nintendo have let us on to at this year’s show.





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