E3 2005: GameCube

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Electronic Theatre Image            While many UK gamers have deemed the GameCube all but dead-and-buried, the industry itself would have a hard time considering the system anything but in its prime. With Revolution details still pretty thin on the ground, even after the systems’ unveiling, continuing to establish a GameCube user-base is still clearly top of Nintendo’s priorities.


            E3 2005 is anything but a sleepy-session for the purple wonder-box, as Nintendo pull a few big-hitters from up their sleeve. Yoot Saito’s Odama has returned after what seemed to be a year in development-hell, bringing with it further use of the GameCube Microphone originally packaged with Mario Party 6. Other add-ons have been utilised with Donkey Konga 2 allowing another bongo-bashing session and the new Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix developed in conjunction with Konami is bringing dancing games to the GameCube for the first time (with the exception of Mad Catz US only release – MC Groovz Dance Craze). While there are few surprises, Super Mario Strikers and Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue offer a nice touch of light-refreshment from the hours spent blasting marines in Geist and hunting down the elusive Shadow Pokemon in PokemonXD: Gale Of Darkness.

            Of course, all this is almost totally disregarding the biggest announcement from the gaming gods, and possibly the biggest announcement of the show – The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess. We’ve all seen the one-minute video, some of us were lucky enough to see the three-minute video and those of us who know the right people in the right place got the seven-minute video, but now, we’ve played it…



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