Electronic Theatre Preview: Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life

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Electronic Theatre ImageHarvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life is, surprisingly, the follow up to Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for the Nintendo GameCube and was shown as a playable build at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). In the title you have to build up a farm full of animals and crops and maintain them properly in order to make money and become successful in your life. The time of day passes throughout the time you’re playing as do the seasons and although it isn’t in Electronic Theatre Imagereal-time (such as Animal Crossing) it’s still nice to watch the sun come up over your farm. In addition to this the seasons change too so that adds another level to the game play, different crops will flourish better at different times of year and such like so its up to you what you choose to plant and when.One thing they were making a big deal of is the fact your character is female this time around and part of the game is to help you find a husband to help with putting sockets on plugs, lifting heavy things and just generally being manly. I would make a big thing of this, but I’ve been told you have to find a wife in the first game, although I still don’t necessarily see why there seems to be such an emphasis on finding yourself a wench. In this game too there is an option for you to have children, how they will work the labour scenes remains to be seen; maybe hitting the A button several times to push? Of course this would mean less work for you, making the man you were obliged to find Electronic Theatre Imagetoil over what was originally your hard work… grrr…To be honest I think I may have missed something. This game seems reminiscent of Animal Crossing because of the living your life thing, but not as well presented as that. The idea of making your own farm does have a calming sort of appeal but really I think it would be something either extremely boring or very addictive. As far as I’m aware the only obvious difference is that you play a girl and I’m sorry, but that doesn’t a good sequel make.

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