Electronic Theatre Preview: Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue

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Electronic Theatre ImageWelcome to the colourful world of Sanriotown. A bright and cheerful place which has been overrun by aliens which look like boxes. You have to skate around destroying these boxes equipped with your Magic Wand and stop them taking over the town, with partner in crime Batz-Maru, although the game features around 20 characters associated with the Hello Kitty brand.


           This is obviously aimed at a young audience as it is very bright and full of colourful things to see, but fansElectronic Theatre Image of Hello Kitty will be enchanted as you watch her skating around and kicking-ass with her sparkly wand. Because of this it is quite a straightforward looking game, with the main objectives being almost purely action-based and easy to complete, although obviously, things would get harder as the game progresses.

Apparently there are different ways of completing your objectives, but it isn’t clear whether these affect what happens in the game, and there are puzzles involved but these are few and far between. You also can pick up coins to buy things with – cue squeals of delight as Hello Kitty looks so cute in the new outfit you have just brought her – although from what I gather they aren’t essential to completing the game.

Fans of Hello Kitty will love this game as it just brings so much together from many different aspects of the world they all live in, though older players may find it a bit too simple to find it much of a challenge. This hardly matters because I think fans will enjoy this game because of the Hello Kitty brand. It’s scheduled for release on the GameCube in the summer in the US with a possible UK release expected before the year is out; cue a massive merchandising campaign… just in time for Christmas.

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