Electronic Theatre Preview: Killer7

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Electronic Theatre Image            For a title that has managed to elude the media’s judgement since its original announcement, Killer7 will need little introduction to Nintendo fans. The basic premise of the title is that, through Harman Smith, players will control one of seven alter-egos each with varying abilities. While the storyline is still very heavily guarded (it appeared that occasional cut-scenes had been edited – either that or they make no sense anyway) the gameplay has now been demonstrated in its fullest. The controls are rather confusing at first; with the A button being used to run forward and B for 180degree turn. As you approach a new area the screen splits to allow you to choose a direction with the analogue-stick. While this may seem rather limiting to some it soon becomes apparent that the reason you can’t explore the corridor is that there’s clearly no need to.


Electronic Theatre Image            Combat is constructed by pressing the R trigger to enter a first-person perspective followed by the B button to aim at any local targets – a simplified remedy for Halo-esque titles that works purely because it’s no more confusing than it needs to be. Character interaction has been expanded drastically since previous demonstrations but still appeared to be limited by the fact that there was no demonstration of the title – i.e. no-one had the foggiest idea what half the AI characters where on about! Lending itself to the light-gun based play is evident, but would probably only scupper the progression through the complex menu and character interaction system.

            The title remains as stylish an endeavour as in it’s original conception – which in itself maybe a turn-off for many gamers – but endeavouring to discover the ties that bind the game was incredibly worthwhile within the small area open to play, a full game surrounded by this unique ambience and incredible vision can be nothing less than remarkable at worst.  



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