Electronic Theatre Preview: PokemonXD: Gale of Darkness

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Electronic Theatre Image            PokemonXD: Gale of Darkness is the long awaited follow up to the RPG part of Pokemon Coliseum on the GameCube, and the first true 3D Pokemon RPG. In this title you return to the place Coliseum took place, Orre, where Shadow Pokemon are still a problem. In the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) demo which we played you begin in a lab, checking out what is in there. Similar to Pokemon Coliseum instead of catching wild Pokemon you have to nick shadow Pokemon from other trainers, which is so very gratifying, however you can’t catch normal Pokemon in the same way. It features the double battle mode from the start and indeed didn’t show any one-on-one fights in the demo shown at E3, although I would think it would be a combination of the two in the finished game.The graphics are improved slightly from Pokemon Coliseum, its smoother lines and slightly better effects aren’t that noticeable. The area I played in was viewed from a slightly top down angle, very similar to the Game Boy Advance games which make it relatively easy to see what is going on around you and to pick things up you find. I think fans of the Pokemon series will love this; it’s intriguing even with what I’ve seen and definitely one to look forward to.They were giving away nothing of the plot at all, except for the fact that Shadow Pokemon are a problem and you must research into what has happened. There is a Shadow Lugia which appears on the beginning sequence, but we still do not know any other details as of yet. I’m guessing though they want to keep us in suspense as to what happens, so check back for updates!

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