Electronic Theatre Preview: StarCraft: Ghost

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Electronic Theatre Image            Having been in delay-hell for what seems to be, well, forever, StarCraft: Ghost now appears to be reaching completion. Each build Blizzard have decided to show us has appeared as an increasingly solid title, and the preview build at this years Electronic Entertainment  Expo (E3) certainly appears to be very promising title.


            For those that haven’t followed the title over the last four years since its original unveiling, StarCraft: Electronic Theatre ImageGhost now plays as a third-person adventure/shooting title. When targeting, the game enters an over-the-shoulder view akin to Resident Evil 4. Many common first-person techniques then come into play, such as red-corners to denote where the incoming fire is coming from and a targeting reticule. Changing between views is a simple process, pressing the B button will either holster or grab your weapon while the R Trigger is used for firing – which often has a pleasing “clunk” to it, although a few of the larger enemies won’t actually denote impact until they’re put out of action. Of the few weapons shown, none was more inviting than the Flamethrower.

            Three levels were playable in the E3 Demo which demonstrated the titles heavy cross between straight-forward out-n’-out blasting and stealth influences. Pressing Left on the D-pad accesses a Cloaking Mode, which allowed you to sneak by enemies undetected for a short period – denoted by a small meterElectronic Theatre Image below you health – while pressing Z commands your character to crouch.

            With the title obviously taking influences from Halo: Combat Evolved, Perfect Dark and Metroid Prime, limitations to your arsenal, expansive arenas and alternative views are all part-and-parcel of the title. You also have the ability to ride vehicles, easily dismounting enemies with a press of the Y button when in range.

            With large expansive environments and pretty tasty graphics – although never spectacular – StarCraft: Ghost handles at a very nice pace. Large variation in the mission objectives and a creative take crossing genres, Blizzard has done right by with-holding the title till now. With another six months till the titles current suggested European launch date, it’s hard to see StarCraft: Ghost becoming anything less than enjoyable.

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