Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: Armored Core: Last Raven

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Electronic Theatre ImageArmored Core: Last Raven, is the latest in the infamous Armored Core series, a mech battling series that was once at the pinnacle of the videogames industry. Developed by OVA, Armored Core: Last Raven hits the PlayStation2 in the UK courtesy of 505 GameStreet. In total, there have been twenty Armored Core games, having started life with Armored Core on the PlayStation, it was graphically one of the best titles to ever be released on SONY’s first system, but with technology having caught-up on us, we see that everything is so much better from the graphics to the movement of the Raven, rightly so. Many of the twenty Armored Core releases have not seen UK shelves, and were made for mobile phones, albeit in a rather different format to Armored Core: Last Raven.

The game gives us the potential to live the life of a Raven; a member of a Electronic Theatre Imagemercenary organization, hired by corporations to do various missions. In the wake of now defunct Nevis’s failed attempt to control recovered ancient weapons technology, the world is left in tatters – with the FMV demonstrating that this looks a lot like the remaining world in the likes of Apple Seed and other famous Manga films. Looking to consolidate power the corporations, Crest, Mirage and Kisaragi have merged into one super-corporation known as “The Alliance”. Fed-up with corporate rule and opposition, a Raven known as Jack-O, an important but minor character from Armored Core: Nexus, forms an organization of Ravens known as “Vertex” from the ashes of the fallen Raven Ark. After rallying a sizeable force of fellow Raven’s to his cause, Jack-O declares that he will launch an all-out war on The Alliance in twenty-four hours. Leading the opposing force, a Raven named Evangel has rallied just as many Ravens to the alliance and is preparing to fight Jack-O head-on. Making the matters more complicated, many Ravens have turned into independent Warlords, setting out on there own after the collapse of the Raven’s Ark, and with seventy-two Level’s for complete ro-bo warfare, this game certainly isn’t a fly-by-night wonder.

If you remember Gundam Wing or Transformers the similarities between Armored Core and these television shows is quite apparent. Within this game there are different Missions to choose from and, depending on which one you choose, you will be offered a varying set of Missions each Level, which in-turn will give you a different ending plus the choice of fighting for or against the “Dark Side” of the Ravens. Each individual Level requires your Armed mechanical robot to change certain parts to progress; buying lighter parts so you can fly longer, or better guns which will have less ammo but will be lighter, or big canons that are situated on the back of your metal giant. Also, included in this title is a feature that Electronic Theatre Imagewill instantly please fans of the series: you can upload you giant robot warrior from Armored Core: Nine Breaker and Armored Core: Nexus, and proceed to play as your ultimate warlord from the past two games. There is also a Versus Mode in which you can fight other warriors of mass destruction to become number one in the line of bot-bashing excitement. On occasion, however, the game is liable to crashes. Whilst reading an E-mail, the game will often remain frozen on the screen.

            Armored Core: Last Raven presents to us the best visual and aural treatment a robot-annihilation game has benefitted from that they have ever decided suitable for UK release, with realistic movement, pitch-clear sounds of all the components of these metal killers and such a huge variety of parts to buy for your warlord it’s simply crazy. We’ve got futuristic guns that sound awesome and when you upgrade your weapons, and some of the larger guns look brilliant when you fire. The in-game music really gets the adrenalin pumping, it’s heavy and fast music that gets you biting your lip with excitement.

            Armored Core: Last Raven is one for all those that like blowing-up anything and everything that moves. The best Armored Core game to be released on the PlayStation2 so far, with so much to do on it you will find it hard to become bored. Make, test and use you very own unique Robot Warlord Of Mass Destruction to fight for or against the Dark Ravens, but remember one thing; you only have twenty-four hours before dooms-day, and it’s all up to you.



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