Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: Ratatouille

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Electronic Theatre ImageBased on the Disney/Pixar movie of the same name, Ratatouille is a Platform title where you play as a rat called Remy. With the guidance and help of your friends, Father and Brother you are on a journey to fulfil your dream of becoming a chef making recopies found in a book on the first Level.

In the first Level you are showed how to jump, climb and smell your way around Levels Electronic Theatre Imageby your brother. The Smell Vision shows you where you are supposed to go in the Level. When you use it a blue mist (the smell) appears and follows a long line showing you where you need to go, a handy game device to help younger players stay on-track. You have a Health Bar that decreases every time that you are injured, but as the game progresses this Health Bar increases meaning that you can take more damage than before. Once you have completed the basics you are placed in your home in the sewers in Paris, acting as the game’s HUB, where you can find your way to other Levels.

There are many enemies that you come up against, some can be defeated and others must be avoided. Humans must be avoided and to help you a green bar appears at the bottom of the screen with a picture of the human that can see you. The bar gradually changes to red when the human is more suspicious of your activity. By hiding behind walls and objects the bar will eventually change back to green and then disappear as the human moves on. You are then able to continue Electronic Theatre Imageon your journey. Another interesting concept based upon a common modern gameplay element.

Levels are giant puzzles as you are so small it is difficult to reach high places. By moving items such as tins and swinging off objects you are able to climb on them and reach those hard to reach places. There are also Ratapults which are catapults that you can jump on and launch you into the air. Drink Umbrellas are also used so that you can descend slowly onto other platforms that are too far to jump to. There are reels of cotton that you can knock off edges. These are there so that if you fall you are able to climb-up them saving you doing a lot of the Level again.

When visiting areas and not on a Mission there are plates of food that, when smelt, send you into a Dream Level. These are amazing and strange Levels with floating food with Stars on. Once again you have to collect all of the stars to complete the Level with a full Score.

To obtain 100% completion there are 100 Stars in each Level that you need to collect. Some are visible and some in boxes that you need to open. You do not have to collect them all to complete the story but everyone wants that 100% completion, right?

You also have to collect objects such as Light Bulbs and Batteries. When you collect all items they help the rat colony by giving you ideas to help them such as lighting up the sewers.

There Electronic Theatre Imageis a Shop that you can buy extras from when you have collected different items and earned Points. These extras include things such as Cheats, Film Clips and Pictures. However, they do not count towards completing the game.

There are also three different modes to the game; Single-Player Mini-Games, Multiplayer Mini-Games and Championship Mode. They are using parts of Levels that you have seen already in the game but they do make a nice addition to keep you interested in the title. Some of the Levels in Championship Mode are Unlockables in the Shop.

Ratatouille is truly an enjoyable title with a good story, great music (from the film) and very acceptable animation and graphics. It is one of the best and most playable children’s games that adults will play with the same consideration as their children would. The developer’s have been inventive with utilising the movies themes within traditional gameplay and features some genuine, tangibly entertaining set-pieces. Electronic Theatre Image


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