Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: Spongebob And Friends: Battle For Volcano Island

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Electronic Theatre ImageAccording to an old wise crab legend, only nine heroes can save the day from Mawgu who has escaped from prison and wants to take over the world by collecting all of the energy from time and space. He has servants in many forms, including birds, sand monsters, frogs and plants whom are enemies along the way. The nine chosen ones are the only ones that can save the world but they have been scattered around the universe.

You begin the game with Spongebob Squarepants and Danny Phantom. You thenElectronic Theatre Image find Patrick who is being kept prisoner by the birds. The first two Levels are on the way to a place called Camp Castaway. Camp Castaway becomes the HUB for choosing Levels from; you are able to walk around, fight monsters and collect items but it is merely a way of choosing the next Level. From here you are able to replay Levels and see if you have collected all of the Hidden Items.

As the game continues you have to rescue the other heroes such as Squid Woorth who is buried in the sand, Timmy Turner and the two Fairly Odd Parents has to be rescued from the crabs and others such as Sam held hostage by the evil servants.

During the game there are many items to collect. Yellow energy fills up a Bar in the top left hand side of the screen, of which each block that is filled allows you to fire energy at enemies, hopefully destroying them. Blue energy restores your health. When collected, the picture of your character changes and looks happier as they are feeling better. By salvaging Hidden Items from Levels you unlock bonus items and Levels. By pressing Select in Camp Castaway, the Menu will show you which items you have salvaged and which ones are missing. There are other items that Electronic Theatre Imagehave to be collected such as feathers from birds and tusks from wild boars. These items unlock different Costumes for the heroes to wear but are not an essential part of the game.

During Levels there is the option to change your character for a friend standing near by. All characters have different qualities whether it is better at jumping, fighting or running. This can be a big help in the game if you are struggling. Sometimes monsters come out of an ‘ooze-spout’ which means that they keep Respawning if you just kill the monsters. You must destroy the ooze-spout and then attack the monsters to get rid of them completely.

Along the way there are puzzles to solve, large sling shots and giant lazers to destroy big monsters and hidden secrets adding to the magic of this game. The game is completed when you have cleared all of the Levels and defeated Mawgu.

The Bonus Levels are all Speed Levels; racing against the clock to a finish point. There are three Stages to each of the Bonus Levels. There is great detail in the Bonus Levels and they are a lot of fun to play so they are well worth unlocking.

The graphics for the game do it justice and there are some very nice backgrounds that really set the atmosphere such as monsters that look like they are tripods out of “War of the Worlds”. The cut scenes work well moving you quickly on to the next Stage of the game. The sound effects are as they should be in a cartoon-type environment and fit the game very well with happy-go-lucky music and silly noises.

Overall this is a fun game that is aimed at children. Without providing too much of a challenge, younger players will be allowed to get a feel of the world that Spongebob Squarepants lives in and play as some of your other favourite characters.

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