Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: Stuart Little 3: Big Photo Adventure

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Electronic Theatre ImageSo the little mouse is at it again, Stuart Little, the friendly mouse first seen in the hit film Stuart Little, is back in another action-packed game. The first adventures of Stuart Little; The Game, was well received from most of the media, as was his second Adventure, Stuart Little 2 which expanded on the first game’s very standard Platform/Adventure structure, and added a large selection of Mini-Games. Stuart Little 3: Big Photo Adventure, following the release of the movie Stuart Little 3, is looking to surpass them all.

            The story of the game follows a slightly different track to the film: following a small mishap, involving Electronic Theatre ImageStuart, his plane, a lot of water and his brother George’s Photography Coursework, Stuart decided it would be best if he offered to go out and re-take all the photo’s he ruined to help George pass school. So start the biggest adventure our little friend has ever been on, starting from his very own back garden and going right through to the Big Apple where George took some of his most impressive photos.

            The first thing you’ll noticed about the game is the very open structure of the Levels, it’s done very much like Super Mario64 DS on the NintendoDS; the entire Level is loaded at once and you can choose freely where to roam in that Level. To help you in your roaming there’s various costumes you can put on, a Fireman, a Red Indian, a Skateboarder or a Raincoat with a Flashlight, these aid your travelling by giving Electronic Theatre Imagetheir own special abilities which are all fairly self explanatory for example, the Raincoat with Flashlight enables you to see in dark places and the Red Indian costume gives you the ability to fire arrows. There’s also a garage on every Level which has a good selection of vehicles to choose from, ranging from a Tank to that tiny red car he’s famous for, there’s also flying vehicles like Blimps and Aeroplanes to let you fly around and view the arena at your leisure.

            The object of the game, as mentioned before, is to take all of George’s picture again for him, the problem is that George put a lot of effort into taking these photos and managed to do quite a few things that the average mouse couldn’t, so before you can start taking these pictures you need to complete a few tasks, they start off very simple at first like turning on a hose to get a picture of a rainbow in front of some flowers but soon you’ll be performing tricks in skate ramps, racing remote controlled buggy’s around dirt tracks and doing other pretty nifty stuff to obtain these pictures.

            The gameplay on the whole is really enjoyable, plus if you ever get stuck there’s always a useful person or place to get information on where another picture is. The Levels are nicely self-contained and the Free-RoamingElectronic Theatre Image aspect of them really makes the game, but there’s one small thing that lets the show down, and makes what would be an amazing game just a little annoying at times: to take every picture, you need to collect Flash for it – portrayed as small glowing blue and white items dotted around the arena. To take one picture, you need to find a small truck load of it, and there’s around twenty pictures on each Level. It’s a common occurrence to find yourself running around not looking for picture spots or any of the many Mini-Games available in the Level, but for little tiny glowing dots only visible when you’re four feet and front of you, and, think about it; these are mice feet.

            This though is a small quibble on the scale of the whole game, which is a good sound product, it looks and sounds good, the graphics don’t really push the boundaries of the imagination but they do the job well and mange to keep it bright and interesting at the same time, a definite plus point for a game aimed at kids. The sound is Electronic Theatre Imageunusually good for a game of this type, with superbly impressive water noises as you’re Surfboarding and engine noises realistically fashioned for each vehicle, even the skateboard sounds are as good as any Tony Hawk’s release.

            Stuart Little 3: Big Photo Adventure, works well as a children’s game. It’s not overly complex and it manages to bring all the features of good selling “adult” games into one easily accessible environment. Every fan of Stuart Little will enjoy this game and so will those that can’t quite grab the concept of some bigger games. Not a game for those looking for the next God Of War or Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, though I would be surprised if you completed this before your son or little brother whilst waiting for that game to come out!Electronic Theatre Image




















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