European and US PlayStation2 Price-Cuts Confirmed – What About the UK?

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Electronic Theatre Image            Following rumours late last week that Sony Computer Entertainment was likely to drop the prices of their home console bundles in conjunction with the end of their financial year, confirmation has just been issued as to what these price-cuts will entail.

            Shockingly, the PLAYSTATION3 hasn’t even received a mention as of yet,Electronic Theatre Image and is looking very unlikely to see any major shift in its retail proposal. What has been announced, however, is a drop in the Recommended Retail Price of the PlayStation2 console. In effect from tomorrow, the US will see $30 knocked-off while Europe will translate the cut into 30 Euros. Thus far, there has been no mention of how this will affect the UK pricing.

            The current Recommended Retail Price of the PlayStation stand at £94.99, as it has since 2006. The cut is almost certain to finally bring the system under the £80-mark, but Electronic Theatre believes a full £30 cut may be asking too much. Instead, the more logical conclusion drawn here would be that the system would have a new Recommended Retail Price of £79.99, and perhaps include a game in its bundle.






UPDATE: It has just been confirmed to Electronic Theatre that there will in-fact be no change in the retail proposal for the PlayStation2 in the UK at this time.




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