E3 2006: PlayStation2

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Electronic Theatre ImageJudging by the prices quoted by SONY for the PlayStation3 at Monday’s Pre-E3 Press Conference, it seems rational to assume that most PlayStation2 owners won’t be upgrading on Launch Day. It also seems that these are the thoughts of many developers given the solid showing of PlayStation2 software at this year’s E3.

Electronic Theatre ImageAll you RPG fans will be happy to know that Phantasy Star Universe and the almighty Final Fantasy XII are on the way. Also on display was the violent insight into the Japanese underworld, Yakuza, the much anticipated crazy-fighting sequel, DragonBall Z: Budokai Tenkaichi II and the heavy-handed policing of Urban Chaos: Riot Response. Add this to Capcom’s God Hand and Okami and there doesn’t seem to be a huge need to sell a kidney for your PlayStation3 right now.





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