Electronic Theatre Preview: Fifa 06

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Electronic Theatre Image            Fifa 06 is the latest edition in the long-running Fifa series. Now having been running for more than ten years, annual updates became interjected with “special event” releases and eventually, now with well over twenty renditions, a new release or update every three months. Fifa is a very powerful franchise even though, of late, the actual updates the game features other than the correct names and extended league information has become limited… but Fifa 06 promises to challenge that preconception.

            This years release follows Fifa 2005’s effort for aggressive on and off-the-ball controElectronic Theatre Imagel and incorporates a brand new tackling, guarding and dribbling system, whilst the biggest revamp seems to be the Free Kick set-up. Going back to the franchises roots, the Free Kick requires you to stop the  power bar in the blue area when shooting for the most accuracy. Push forward on the right Analogue Stick to increase the trajectory of the shot, pull back on the Analogue Stick to decrease the trajectory. Lofted shots with a higher trajectory have a slower velocity and are easier to stop, while a lower trajectory will have increased speed and be harder for the goalkeeper to stop but will be less likely to clear the defensive wall. Tactical play now seems to be the order of the day, as Fifa trades-in its traditional “anyone can bash the buttons” style development for Pro Evolution Soccer’s more calculated approach.

            Graphically, obviously, this is the best presentation of a Fifa title to date. The players, for the best part, remain totally distinguishable and the animation is superb. The weather crackles as the rain  begins to pour or in the brilliant shine solar glare may Electronic Theatre Imageinterfere with may briefly.

            Whether or not this Fifa escapade will better all the previous attempts remains to be seen and, whether or not EA can outdo Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 5 too is doubtful. However, the Fifa franchise has an uncanny ability to grab fans quickly, easily and unremorsefully, and for this reason alone that title is garmented a spot in the Top 10. Fifa 06 is currently expected to launch on all three home consoles on September 30th, 2005, and on PSP on October 21st, 2005. Electronic Theatre Image

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