Electronic Theatre Preview: Crash Tag Racing

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Electronic Theatre ImageGenerally Crash Bandicoot is considered to be a Platforming man, in a similar way to Mario, though without quite the legacy. And like Mario, Crash started his own Karting group, admittedly a few years after Mario; about 6 or so, but just at the time that people were feeling the one thing the PlayStation could do with was a good Karting game. And that’s exactly what Crash Team Racing delivered, a fun and enjoyable Karting romp, lots of people immediately compared Mario Kart which unfortunately was of course detrimental to Crash Team Racing’s reputation. I own a copy of the game and actually was quite impressed with many of the things Crash Team Racing has done to offer the Karting genre in a slightly altered, maybe slightly better way.


            This offering seems no different; many people immediately compare Crash Tag Racing to Mario Kart: Electronic Theatre ImageDouble Dash!! because of the fact that you can now have two people on one car. Well I have unfortunate news for all you sceptics out there – Crash has done it again.

            For a start the whole thing is based in a Platforming arena – similar to Crash’s Game Boy Advance outing with Spyro, Crash Bandicoot Fusion – so you have to run around completing tasks for various people whilst looking about for the available tracks in that area, something I’ve never seen done in a game like this before. Of course being Crash, the Platforming has been produced to an exemplary level, with the standard spin and belly-flop moves available.

            Once you get into the racing things change a little more drastically, the two-man option from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! is still there but you don’t choose your team-mate at the beginning of the race; instead,  you press Triangle, turn blue, and smash into the Kart you want to merge with – creating a twice as big, twice as hard kart, with twice the firepower – and then race through together. A quick tap of the R1 Button will switch you round from driver to gunner, allowing complete control over what you want to do, as driver you get to control the Turbo Boost, weapon pick-ups, and generally how well Electronic Theatre Imageyou drive and as the gunner you get to sit behind a massive gun annihilating everything that comes across you path. There is a different gun for every Kart you can merge, plus the option to change to another gun that fires different ammunition. If you ever get bored with the Kart you’ve merged with, or don’t want another Kart to merge with you, just press Triangle to untangle yourself and go for winning the race solo.

            Vivendi have promised that everything you could want to make Kart racing fun is included in this game, admittedly calling some of these vehicles Karts is like calling Monster Trucks 4X4’s. But everything is here, Platforming, Racing, smashing and rockets, in what looks to be an amazing Kart game.



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