Electronic Theatre Preview: Shadow of the Colossus

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Electronic Theatre ImageThe 17th of February this year is becoming one of the most eagerly anticipated dates in years for UK PlayStation2 fans. The reason? The arrival of SONY’s Shadow Of The Colossus in the UK of course. Experienced gamers will need little  reminding of this title’s classic PlayStation2 predecessor ICO. Many consider ICO to be one of the best videogames ever released, and now, Shadow Of The Colossus’ release is being reinforced by ICO‘s Re-Launch. Electronic Theatre Image            It is unclear what exactly the links between the two games are. Although Shadow Of The Colossus certainly takes place in the universe as ICO did, there doesn’t seem to be any clear storyline link. What has remained the same however is ICO’s unique level of immersion within the game environment. Shadow Of The Colossus also promises to emulate and vastly improve upon the impressive innovative problem solving elements of ICO. As an epic adventure Shadow Of The Colossus looks to be an instant hit with fans of ICO.             All evidence seems to point to Shadow Of The Colossus providing something significantly different to other epic Adventure titles available on the PlayStation2. The game is played on a massive island that seems to be almost completely barren, resulting in lots of riding through empty lands much like sailing in The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker. This does however have a beauty all of its own, and is certainly atmospheric; sparking questions about the cause of the crushing desolation pretty quickly, but to say anymore would be to spoil the storyline. Another interesting element that seems to have been included is a degree of guilt at the point of vanquishing each of the giant Colossus’, detracting from the reward. The player must travel the island and fight several unique giant stone Colossus, each with its own fighting style. However there is a palpable sadness to these behemoths. They are not the typical evil nemesis most games possess: they are alive,  they are living, breathing entities, presumably with their own ideals, or at least they were before you killed them. There are also some inspired smaller touches, such as the way your Horse is a real character and part of the story, again, akin to an entry in the The Legend Of Zelda series, The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time and of course, the forthcoming The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He may not always obey your command, but this beautiful example of equine coding will be by your side to the death.

            Shadow Of The Colossus, has been awaited so long there is a risk its release will leave gamers feeling a little disappointed. But, fingers crossed, we could be seeing yet another title prove the PlayStation2 is still alive, and not only for the purposes of playing God of War.






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