Electronic Theatre Preview: Final Fantasy XII

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Electronic Theatre ImageFor all the fans of the Final Fantasy series here comes the latest instalment, two years after originally scheduled, on the PlayStation2 in the form of Final Fantasy XII. Anyone and everyone who likes videogames has probably come cross the series at some point, and seen its development from 2D Turn-Based combat to now full 3D characters and environments, trying to give players even more immersion into its world.

            The story to these games are always massively long-winded affairs but are key toElectronic Theatre Image keeping the player playing right through to the end – along with all the extra abilities and items to be picked on the way though – and Final Fantasy XII is no exception, looking to obviously improve upon everything and to a point it does.

            Things weren’t looking decidedly brilliant even by PlayStation2 standards with the visuals going for big, grandiose designs but needing a lot of polishing. Buildings still look pixelated and characters needing some fine-tuning. But the animation and Frame-Rate looks fairly solid with no nasty hindering moments of stuttering or clipping.

            All the traditions return for the enthusiasts: three controllable characters during combat with a greater selection at hand for different abilities or if another character dies in the selected team. The moves list is as packed as ever giving a large selection of attack moves and, more importantly, magic, which was always one of the most enticing parts in the game. SquareEnix are touting the new Combat System – the Active Electronic Theatre ImageDimension Battle System – which simply means when your running around exploring there’s random battles, or even entering a battle-screen: its all done right there in the existing play-scape.

            Final Fantasy games aren’t something that can be got into and worked out in ten minutes; you need patience and passion for the game to appreciate it, and a lot of the games buying public undoubtedly will.








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