Electronic Theatre Preview: God Hand

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Electronic Theatre Image            Of Capcom’s PlayStation2 titles on show at this year’s E3, none are more anticipated than Okami and the newly announced God Hand. Not due for release until early 2007, there’s still plenty of room for expansion and tightening of the title – not that the Preview Code really demonstrated too much need.

            The basic premise of the title sees you playing as a character in possession of a God HandElectronic Theatre Image and searching for the other, while a group of bandits are trying to remove the current one from your arm. The E3 Preview Build was limited to a single Level, however, as this Level was in an almost complete form it was easy to ascertain how the game would play.

            The title plays similarly to the recently released Final Fight: Streetwise in that it offers a modernisation of the early nineties Scrolling Beat-‘Em-Ups. However, the play progresses through a series of Arena-based Levels in which the main objective is to eliminate every adversary contained within. Basic moves are performed with the Face Buttons and plenty of weapons are available – although the Collision Detection on many of the larger weapons is currently a little unreliable. Special Moves are performed in quite an eccentric fashion, to say the least. The R2 Trigger executes a God Move when pressed with the corresponding Face Button. A second series of Special Moves is available, known as Roulette Moves; a tap of the R1 Button causes aElectronic Theatre Image Roulette Wheel to appear in the bottom-right of the screen from which the player must hit the correct choice of move at the time in which it rolls around. The title plays surprisingly well given it’s distancing from the traditional Scrolling Beat-‘Em-Up releases, and will no doubt attract gamers outside the usual fanbase.

            The title’s presentation was comfortable for a late PlayStation2 release, but currently, special-effects of any kind are thin on the ground. Given that the title will, according to the reliable informant recently placed in-charge of Capcom’s UK Sales and Marketing, be given a £29.99 SRP upon release – and will no doubt retail within Electronic Theatre below £27 – God Hand could be the PlayStation2 bargain of 2007.







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