Electronic Theatre Preview: Okami

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Electronic Theatre Image            Okami is a title with which has a great following in PlayStation2 circles. Announced over three years ago, each playable variation has revealed little more than the last. Being developed at Clover Studios – the same studio responsible for the surprise-hit (but worthy) Viewtiful Joe series – is unique visual style comes as no surprise.

            The big surprise came through its slowly unravelling gameplay system. Although comparisonsElectronic Theatre Image are hard to come by, marketing representatives insist on similarities with the 3D-outings in The Legend of Zelda series – a comparison which is no doubt adding to the hype. However, much of the hype is justified, as Okami presents PlayStation2 players with a challenge that has been very much sorely supported on the current-generation system that receives by-far the most support.

            A generic control set-up is complemented by striking animations for even the most basic of commands, and travelling through Okami’s world results in the player opening new areas through the use of a Paint-System currently revealed only in its most basic form. The player is presented with drawings from which areas are missing, and must fill in Star Charts and other graphical miss-representations to progress.

            The title still has most of its secrets under lock-and-key, and with a current proposed release date of February, 2007, in the UK, it’s likely to stay that way for quite some time.




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