Electronic Theatre Preview: Scarface

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Electronic Theatre ImageScarface is soon to arrive on the PlayStation2 and Xbox, and was shown at E3 but unfortunately was not playable. Everyone should know the film and the game continues from the films finale in the mansion which gets stormed by loads of guys with guns to kill Joey Montana, played by Al Pacino, and where he utters his famous phrase “Say hello to my little friend” before blowing the door into pieces with a Grenade Launcher. Now for those who don’t know, Montana is killed shortly after – and this is where the game comes-in and puts you in full-control of Pacino’s character – and now there is the small matter of getting out alive (watch the film to find-out how he dies, in order to help prevent it).

            Set in 80’s Miami, Montana has just lost his cocaine empire and it’s time to build it back up again and you start with nothing, having lost it all; the money, the reputation and the women. And this is what he needs to get back.

            The game is Third-Person based like all the current-generation Grand Theft Auto’s, which it will no doubt be compared to when it’s released. But there is a lot to do in the game from generally shooting people, to car chases and drug deals to sort-out, to building Montana’s reputation back again and sorting places to launder money, it’s no easy life getting back to the top.

            The developers have built several interesting systems into the game to help along the way, the first is the Balls Meter, and how gutsy Montana is in each situation to help advance his reputation; simply by giving people verbal abuse or where he shoots them. The second is called Blind Rage where Montana becomes so angry that for a short period he becomes invincible, the view changes to First-Person and he gets unlimited ammo enabling him to run around and slaughter anyone in his path.

            There will be over one hundred playable vehicles in the game; cars, boats and an assortment of others to keep everyone happy, and as you progress and make more money there will be the option to purchase items, rebuilding the house and the luxury lifestyle that he once had.

            Scarface should be out by the end of the year and may well be this years Christmas hit, we’ll just have to wait a little longer to see if it’s deservedly so.







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