Electronic Theatre Preview: Urban Chaos: Riot Response

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Electronic Theatre ImageThere are many inspirations for First-Person Shooters. Obviously shooting aliens and winning World War II are clearly the most common, but mutant killing, assassination and robot driving still hold sway the hearts of many-a-gamer. Policing First-Person Shooters, championed by the S.W.A.T. series amongst others, seem to take a back seat in comparison to the more popular themes. This being said, policing is the premise of Urban Chaos: Riot Response, although it bears little resemblance to the tactical non-lethal approach of most police games.

Electronic Theatre ImageThe plot seems to be that gangs have taken of the city and you play as the tough, no-nonsense cop determined to stop them. Clearly reading the criminals their rights is not on the cards in Urban Chaos: Riot Response since the E3 demo started the player with that First-Person Shooter favourite, the Mini-Gun. The demo took place in a subway, at first on a train and secondly at the crash site of the aforementioned train. The player’s first priority was to protect various innocents through killing every criminal that came their way. Urban Chaos: Riot Response features some nice set-pieces: namely the shooting of enemies on a train running parallel to the players whilst taking out boarding foes. This kept the action interesting despite it’s difficultly and hopefully paves the way for some fairly unoriginal, but ultimately quite-fun gameplay.

Urban Chaos: Riot Response did not really seem to attempt any revolutionary changes to the genre but had some nice ideas. The most prominent of these was the logging of headshots etc. with the goal of getting twenty for some sort of bonus, the demo wasn’t long enough to realistically Electronic Theatre Imageachieve this goal, but it has potential for some sort of achievement based Reward System.

Graphically Urban Chaos: Riot Response was on par with what we’ve come to expect from the PlayStation2, there were a lot of enemies and action on-screen without slow-down and the graphics were clear enough to allow the player to have a good idea what was going on. Urban Chaos: Riot Response isn’t a transformation of the First-Person Shooter genre, but it’s a fun game that fans of this game-type should enjoy.










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