Electronic Theatre Preview: 24: The Game

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Electronic Theatre Image24: The Game is a spin off from the hit TV series 24. It is said to be set between season 2 and 3 and will hopefully fill in some of the blanks left by the show. From what was seen in the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) there will be lots of first-person shooting, mixed with driving missions and smaller mini-games for you to complete within the game.


As with the TV series, the game details 24 hours in Jack Bauers’ hectic life and it is up Electronic Theatre Imageto you to get your objectives done within a specific time limit. The time you have left comes up on screen at intermittent intervals giving the impression that you really are on a tight time frame. Presumably you will have 24 hours in which to complete the game, which makes one wonder what happens if you don’t manage to complete it within these 24 hours. I would be very annoyed if I had to play the whole game through again, but to not do so would kind of make the idea of having 24 hours to complete it redundant.

The main part I played was a first person shooting section where you had to search for a person hidden in a building and get to him after defeating his cronies. You could use walls and such like as cover, which worked quite well, you could clearly see around the corner so you can see what is going on. There was also a locking on system, which I found hard to use because by the time you had got a clear shot, they had already shot you a couple of times. You could adjust this though, which allowed you to get a head shot in, but I still found it less than intuitive to say the least.

The graphics weren’t the best I’ve seen, even for PlayStation2, but you could tell Bauer was played by Kiefer Sutherland, apparently there are other talents from the series too, which should have fans wetting themselves in anticipation.

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