Electronic Theatre Preview: BurnOut: Revenge

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Electronic Theatre Image            BurnOut: Revenge is the next instalment in the highly successful BurnOut series. There were three different modes you could play on in the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) demo; a race, crash junction and the all new crash traffic.


The racing tracks are new and feature all manner of shortcuts, which all run into each Electronic Theatre Imageother, apparently, and things like jumps which give you boost bonuses in much the same way narrowly avoiding traffic and heading towards an oncoming car do. The boost system is much the same as Burnout 3: TakeDown in that you can take your trigger off the boost and save any boost you have left. When you crash in the race you have the chance to perform a crash breaker as well as the now familiar after-touch, which helps maximise the chances to take down another car with you. You get bonus points for revenge as well as style and aggression (apparently Criterion were concentrating on really making the aggression aspect a big part of the game) so if a car crashes into you, you get more points for taking out that particular car as a form of revenge.

            In the crash junctions you have a target car to hit which will maximise the crash, it’s not always immediately clear when you launch yourself off the ramp so it adds a little depth in the form of a hidden extra. With the crash junctions, to execute a boost start you have to press the Cross button at the right time when it hits an optimum point on a meter and you will either shoot off into the distance or go at a snails pace, depending on when you press the button. Press it too soon and you would not make the jump on the particular track playable, boost too much and the controls get a bit skittish making it hard to stay in a straight line. You earn ‘crash breakers’ by hitting cars and can earn more than one per round depending on how successful you are.

            The crash traffic is a new addition to the game (“because women like the crashes. Scary” said the guy I Electronic Theatre Imagewas talking to about it) you have a timer which tells you how long you have to crash into as many cars as possible. The only things you mustn’t crash into are ‘big rigs’, buses and oncoming traffic, all of which cause you to crash wasting time on your clock. Seconds are added onto this time limit as you go around causing mayhem on the roads. This is a really fun addition to the game as I say, the ladies dig the crashes and its great just hurtling round the course smashing things out of your way, the way you wish you could in the rush hour traffic.

            From what was available to play on the E3 demo this seems like it will be a worthy title to have in your collection, taking some of the aspects from previous editions of BurnOut while adding enough to not make you feel you perhaps wasted your money on yet another update.




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