Electronic Theatre Preview: Kingdom Hearts II

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Electronic Theatre Image            Set two years after the first instalment, Sora returns to the PlayStation2 for Kingdom Hearts II after a brief visit to Game Boy Advance land. The first title drew many fans by mixing the classic SquareEnix gameplay foundations with a little The Legend Of Zelda-esque action-ing, and a lot of Disney magic.

            Much is still being kept under-wraps as far as the main story of the title is concerned, but we’ve now seen appearances of the likes of Mulan, Snow White, Aladdin’s Genie and the Pirates Of The Caribbean as well as aElectronic Theatre Image huge influence form Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. The build available for play at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) was limited merely to a few cut-scenes and boss fights.

            Having only had a brief play of a single boss fight (all else the Electronic Theatre staff were privileged to see was short video clips) I can clearly state that the camera problems from the first title return, and prove themselves this time to be hardcore issues as opposed to mere difficulties. A flying dragon-thing was hurtling about the incredibly limited arena as the player had to first find a mini-tornado, launching Sora into the air. Then, with visibility limited to the dragon’s under-belly, land on the beasts’ back and proceed to attack two horns protruding from the enemy’s’ head.

           Currently, there’s little else to offer on the title that sorely disappointed the staff that managed to attend this year’s E3. The graphics have been crisped from the first title, but hardly revolutionise the appearance. No doubt Kingdom Hearts II will be a rewarding title even if, as is the belief of the title in it’s current state, it’s more of a same-again title as opposed to the hugely original update the fans were hoping for, however I don’t think this could’ve been summed-up more eloquently than in SquareEnix’s own movie-theatre-esque showing; “If theElectronic Theatre Image world is made of light and darkness, we will be the darkness.”

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