Electronic Theatre Preview: Phantasy Star Universe

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Electronic Theatre ImagePhantasy Star Universe comes as a PlayStation 2 exclusive which was shown at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) as a demo build. There were two different arena’s available to play, each very different from the other.


The first was an open air arena and unfortunately the edges of the area were very well defined and the whole of the arena seemed too enclosed for my liking, although its not in the style of game to do so maybe. This didn’t distract from the action at any point though, it was all right there in front of you.

The second looked like some sort of underground cave structure which housed some harder creatures.Electronic Theatre Image This was done really well and although, yet again gave a very small space to explore, seemed believable enough.

You have four characters with which you play, you take control of one and the others will do as you do, if there is an enemy lurking nearby they will very quickly go and attack it and not just running around waiting for you to deliver the first blow. They take a while to re-generate and aren’t any better than me at self-preservation (and I’m not good) so you can find yourself working one handed for a while.

You can use a variety of weapons, some heavier and more difficult to move like the big sword and others which take shorter time to execute a move. You can use magic spells too, if your weapon has magic capabilities so you would be able to customise your characters attacks quite readily. The only downside to the combat is its overall speed. The controls don’t seem very responsive and performing moves takes a while. You can perform combos but these have to be timed very well, button bashing doesn’t work here.

This seems not too far removed from Phantasy Star Online: Episodes I&II, it doesn’t seem like it takes any leaps away from its predecessor and I feel that is the games biggest downfall. The possibility of a large plot line and the assumption it will be online are the only things which make it standout.  -END-

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