Electronic Theatre Preview: Shadow the Hedgehog

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Electronic Theatre ImageIt  seems this game doesn’t quite know what it’s doing. I believe it supposed to be a 3D-Platformer, although it tries to be very fast paced as other Sonic games, which doesn’t marry into a good combination. On one of the levels which was playable the objective was to kill 30 enemies, but you go so  fast its hard to find them before you get to the end and still maintain the speed which we all know as being “Sonic”-like. This also impacts on the games control system, it is hard to steer him in the right direction without overshooting your target and slowing down when you’re running along is pretty difficult.

Shadow has the ability to pick up weapons enemies drop, which has had some Sonic fans seething with Electronic Theatre Imageanger! But these weapons can only be used until the ammo runs out, and there are many you can chose from; from laser guns and lances to big arm cannons which just blow everything away. The problem with this weapon system is that it is hard to use hand to hand combat against the enemies and is hard to judge how far away you are – far too often you end up killing yourself just trying to find a weapon.

There is a Morality System  in place which affects how the story progresses and you have special attacks which can be utilised when you fill up meters, you glow either red for an ‘evil’ special attack or blue for a ‘good’ attack, but there wasn’t really a clear proposal as to what you have to do to fill up these meters –  and even which actions could be considered good or bad – so it seems a little redundant currently.Electronic Theatre Image

This game,  despite the freezing (which I’m assuming will be ironed out for the final release) isn’t a bad game, it’s just not a great Sonic game. The title could just as easily use any character making you feel it is riding on the Sonic label to make it a success.







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