Electronic Theatre Preview: Urban Reign

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Electronic Theatre Image            Urban Reign for the PlayStation2 is a 3D fighting title. In the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) demo both single player and multiplayer modes were available to play. There were four different characters available although it looks like around ten will be playable  in the final build, judging on how many spaces with question marks there were. You choose your character each with a different style of fighting, from Kung Fu to Capoeira.

You can also choose a weapon to take into the ring with you including a crowbar, a variety of baseball bats and a bottle which breaks when you fight.

            The arenas in the single player mode were quite a lot larger than the multi-player mode givingElectronic Theatre Image the impression you may have to travel around arenas, maybe completing objectives, although there was no official conformation on that score. When in the main game you had to pick two characters to play with and could switch between them at a push of a button. Unfortunately with the game in it’s demo state the AI of the character you’re not playing with (which is controlled  by the computer) is quite terrible so you find their health going down extremely quickly as they get their ass kicked.

            The multiplayer segment is quite fun, weapons chosen at the start of the game are quickly knocked away and you can pick up each others. The main problem with picking up your weapon is that it takes a little while for you to do so, leaving you open to a quick attack, knocking it out of your hands again. The arenas are quite small too so there isn’t a lot of room to do much, which you could see as a good thing as well as a bad point.

            I think time will tell on how good this game is but from the E3 demo I wouldn’t say this was anything Electronic Theatre Imagespectacular. It’s not a bad game by any means; it’s just not that special either. I see the multi-player as a secondary, minor part of the game, rather than it being something you’d play as an important part in itself.












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