Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: Rogue Trooper

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Electronic Theatre ImageRebellion’s second release from the 2000 A.D. stable comes from a lesser-known series than their first release. Judge Dredd Vs. Death was met with a heavy-hand at retail, despite being welcomed by the gaming press. Rogue Trooper has a different path to retail, and comes at a time when the traditions of the current-generation are about to become out-mooted.

            To that extent, Rogue Trooper has seen traditional boundaries incorporated with a need for polish. The hand-holding of the first three Levels soon disintegrates into gameplay-advancing comments Electronic Theatre Imagefrom Rogue’s three compatriots; Helm, Gunnar and Bagman, and movement through the arenas is linear to the extreme. Occasional diversions round what appears as a dead-end corner will result in the collection of additional Salvage. Salvage is equipment recovered from the dead which, once collected, can be used to create further ammo or, when available, weapon upgrades. The Salvage System features a unique presentation – if failing to produce any original results – however, remains quite pointless throughout the games’ progression, as there will never be a point where the player finds themselves without a plentiful supply reaching into thousands above that which is needed.

            The title’s weapon options are pleasing, if often unwieldy. The Shotgun in particular makes quite a devastating entrance, however, all the weaponry with which you can use at-will seems quite under-Electronic Theatre Imagepowered and appears to lack any real sense of impact upon striking an enemy. The mounted-artillery useable within the Missions offers much more pleasing results, but their a-typical placement results in the player taking-down the required Gunship/Walker Bot/Transport Driller and little else before moving-on.

            The Level Structure is presented well, with a series of statistics being presented to the player after each is completed. The variety of the Levels, however, is limited. Each acts as a point-to-point exercise requiring the player to kill any enemies on route. Occasional distractions, such as Mine placement and door hacking, add a little flavour but are severely weakened by their necessary nature; offering the player optional additional challenges would have been an inviting proposal within a title so strictly linked with the traditions of the Third-Person Action genre.

            Rogue’s abilities are quite refreshing; at your disposal you have an array of moves such as Blind-Fire when in cover, Sniper-stabilising and a dive/roll manoeuvre. The title tries to encourage the player to Electronic Theatre Imageuse Stealth Kills, cover and distraction abilities to progress however, much like the greatly missed opportunity Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, there is no instance in which these abilities are necessary to progress, and the AI hasn’t been crafted significantly enough for these talents to become rewarding.

            Graphically, Rogue Trooper parallels the pinnacle of PlayStation2 development. The likes of God Of War and Shadow Of The Colossus may be pushing the field in the way of detail or clarity, but Rogue Trooper holds its own simply by forgetting the detail, and achieving a striking amount of action and depth on-screen at any point. With the Xbox’s greater abilities than the PlayStation2, it may not stand-out as a striking title as well as on its peer system; however Rouge Trooper remains a deniable good-looker. The sound quality is comfortable, with Helm, Gunnar and Bagman offering useful information, as well as pointless comments, in clearly-pitched sound-bytes, and the background music simply refuses to interfere with the gameplay.

            Rouge Trooper achieves much as a stabiliser for the average of a genre re-established on a dying generation. Without pushing any boundaries, it competently involves the player in Nu Earth with a story that flutters between engrossing and irrelevant from Level-to-Level. Rouge Trooper may not be the groundbreaking work fans are hoping for, but it will still please those who’ve been waiting for the arrival of Rogue on their games console.Electronic Theatre Image


















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