Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: Spawn Armageddon

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Electronic Theatre Image           While the Spawn comic-book series may have broken into films, animated series, action figures and much more associated merchandise, its videogame legacy is much more forgettable. Only in recent years has Spawn managed to prove himself a draw worthy of console releases of note, with his appearance as the exclusive character for the Xbox’s rendition of Soul Calibur II and Spawn Armageddon – the first 3D incarnation of Spawn – and he comes to life in his hellish monstrosity

           The title is set-up like your average 3D hack-n’-slash. You progress through various enclosed environments destroying anything that moves and then, when they’re dead, destroying everything Electronic Theatre Imagethat doesn’t. Spawn is armed with a variety of weaponry – his infamous Axe obviously makes an appearance, and is accompanied by extendable chains-like-limbs, Hell-Powers and a score of bullet-based firepower. Your entire arsenal is upgradeable, albeit to a limited degree, whilst your Hell-Powers will drain their obligatory Meter far too quickly, a discerning construct when both health and Necroplasm (Hell-Powers recharges) remain elusive at the best-of-times. Generally your best weapon is the chains, which aren’t upgradeable but remain effect from the first Level throughout.

            Luckily, the storyline remains a pull throughout – appearing almost as an expansion of the comic-book. You’re prior knowledge of the series is mostly taken for granted, although fans of the series have a compendium like no other before. Hidden comic-books throughout the game combine to unlock Electronic Theatre Imageconcept art and all manner of goodies. Whilst this has became the standard for most similar releases, the lack of health power-ups will often send you hurtling back to the start of the level, enabling you to collect any goodies you previously missed – a double-edged sword, if you can remain interested long enough. The hook that could keep you in is that the enemies are actually fun to kill, with the animation for deaths constantly being impressive – with the exception of the Electronic Theatre Imageweaker enemies. Bosses range from incredible to incredibly annoying – but I’m yet to find a hack-n’-slash on this generation which doesn’t feature such drastic variation in design.

            The title moves smoothly and easily draws parallel with today’s average, while a fully-controllable 360-degree camera helps to immerse you in what can often be fairly bland environments. Running on the Xbox’s hardware, there are always plenty of enemies on screen without any slowdown and the special-effects are impressive for the system.

            Throughout the title’s high and lows it remains consistently enjoyable. Annoying at times and mildly inventive at times – a conundrum which becomes the catch. With the sure ability to entertain any Spawn fan, and possibly bring some of the uninitiated to the fold, Spawn Armageddon has crossed a line which no other Spawn title has achieved – being memorable. Hack, slash, kill, run, hack, slash, kill, run – enjoy!Electronic Theatre Image





















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