Stargate SG1: The Alliance On Hold?

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Electronic Theatre Image            Late yesterday afternoon, publisher JoWood issued a press statement informing us of the cancellation of their current contract with StarGate-SG1: The Alliance developer, Perception. “The title in its current form, initially scheduled for an October 2005 release,  does satisfy neither our quality requirements nor the fans expectations. We will not release anything that does not do justice to this well known license” says Albert Seidl, CEO JoWood Productions Software AG. In recent months we have invested a lot of time and resources in helping Perception finish the development, but we now simply have lost confidence in their ability to finish this project in time and sufficient quality.”

Having played a very limited amount of the title at E3 2005 in May, the title looked fairly crisp and Electronic Theatre Imagewell into development, however, even within this very restricted viewing many minor problems with the title were discovered. In its current playable form, StarGate-SG1: The Alliance is merely an average run-of-the-mill First-Person-Shooter with a few nice touches – and it seems that the later levels of the title are not progressing as JoWood had hoped, and the possibility of facing an endless string of competitors within the same genre could be a little bewildering to say the least.

            The future of StarGate-SG1: The Alliance is currently anyone’s guess. In the press release, it is clearly stated that “There are several options to consider, among them potentially moving to next-gen consoles for the title” but with JoWood cancelling the contract with Perception and “following the termination JoWood has asked for repayment of their investment in development and further expenses” it hard to see JoWood backing the title at retail – will Perception have the funding to continue without JoWood? Or will another publisher step-in?    -END-

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