Xbox Celebrates 10 Years with Interactive Timeline

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Electronic Theatre ImageSince its debut in the UK on 14th March 2002, the Xbox brand has consistently redefined videogames and entertainment in the living room. With record-breaking sales of 66 million Xbox 360 consoles and 18 million Kinect sensors sold worldwide to date, the future has never looked brighter for Xbox.

To commemorate the UK 10th Anniversary, Microsoft Studios is taking a journey back to the key milestones that have catapulted Xbox into the living rooms of millions of families in Britain and beyond. To celebrate this success, made possible by Xbox fans across the globe, Microsoft Studios has re-launched the interactive timelineElectronic Theatre Image of the platform’s ten year history. It commemorates the original console launch through to the controller-free revolution with Kinect, and the host of live TV, music, movie and social media partners on Xbox LIVE who are helping us change the way people enjoy entertainment in their living rooms.

Looking ahead, Xbox 360 is again poised to deliver a stellar year of entertainment that will excite and delight fans worldwide in 2012. You can look forward to blockbusters such as Halo 4, Fable: The Journey, Forza Horizon; much anticipated experiences like Kinect Rush: A Disney*Pixar Adventure coming 23rd March and Kinect Star Wars on 3rd April; new entertainment partners on Xbox LIVE and much more.

The timeline is available on,, and takes you on your own personal journey from your first Xbox experience through the hardware, software and entertainment launches over the last ten years.  Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the Xbox brand as it progresses through its next ten years.


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