E3 2006: Xbox

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Electronic Theatre Image            Microsoft may have disowned their first-born console but it’s still well loved by the other developers. Hoping to cater for those still unwilling to upgrade to the Xbox360, many Xbox games were playable at this years E3 and judging by what was on offer it seems unlikely that there’s any reason to dispose of your big black box just yet.

Despite the appearance of newer, more exciting software for the Next-Generation machines, the Electronic Theatre writers were still more than happy to check out the games that should put the Xbox to rest. NBA 2K7, Destroy All Humans! 2: Make War Not Love and Hitman: Blood Money were on show and should sate the lusts of the series’ fans along with tie-ins The Da Vinci Code, Cars and Justice League Heroes.

So, how is the Current-Generation’s most powerful machine holding-up in a market entering it’s Next-Generation?




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