Electronic Theatre Preview: The Da Vinci Code

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Electronic Theatre Image            The film licence. Even the hint of such a title brings Electronic Theatre writers out in a rash. OK, so maybe it’s not that bad, but to say that we had high-hopes for The Da Vinci Code would be the grossest of overstatements.

As it stands however, The Da Vinci Code wasn’t actually that bad. It plays similar to Another Electronic Theatre ImageCode: Two Memories, but obviously without Touch Screen support and featuring a 3D Camera. The player must find clues and solve each code in a plot very likely to be similar to the film of the same name. Clues could be examined in 3D and combined together to aid in the progression of the story. Although there was an attack button, it wasn’t used in the demo and judging by the nature of the game, is unlikely to feature heavily in the final release.

Despite the fact that the Xbox is now reaching it’s final days of development, The Da Vinci Code features some pretty dated, grainy graphical presentation. There was also a lot of text on-screen, which did become quite cluttered and together with the multiple conversations occurring, made keeping up with the plot a little more difficult than perhaps it should have. The Da Vinci Code was also stated to be finished, which doesn’t bode well for a title that currently looks like it could do with some polishing up.




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