Electronic Theatre Preview: Chicken Little

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Electronic Theatre ImageChicken Little is actually a fairly good platform title. It is a multi-format release, but we had a chance to get to grips with the Xbox build at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) more than most. There were three levels playable with each one varying greatly from the others, but all with fairly simple objectives to complete.

In the first playable level you had to get to school from your house using a predetermined shortcut route – there didn’t seem to be much room for exploring, but this isn’t really that much of an issue with the game; Electronic Theatre Imagethe stage was big enough without feeling you need to explore past your immediate surroundings. You had to climb up rails, slide down rails and find coins in order to operate the drinks machine; there was even a climbing frame to manoeuvre around.

The second level was set in space; it was a semi Space Invaders-type of affair where you have to travel through rings without being shot down. There were various pick-ups to collect including a shield and missiles which helped with shooting down bigger targets which would damage your ship otherwise.

In the third level you have a sort of toboggan run to go down, a space age toboggan run at that. It is surprisingly difficult to steer around, the slightest movement of the analogue stick would be enough to send you careering off the track and it was clear some work is still to be done on fine tweaking the analogue calibration. The further you go around the track the more obstacles get in your way, you do have a weapon to help fend off the gribblies but you go so fast it’s just as easy to not bother and just avoid them.

This game is obviously geared to children, but it makes a change to play a decent platform game, just wandering round collecting stuff, battering a few enemies without that much fuss, though there is evidently a difficulty progression to it as I actually had quite a hard time completing the last level we could play. In it’s current state I can’t see it having much replay value, but it’s a good game to while away a few brainless hours should you wish it so. Electronic Theatre Image












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